Jarod Grubb – Hold On

The Rocky Mountains can be a profound source of inspiration, and it’s obvious the colorful backdrop of the Montana wilderness had a fair amount of influence over Jarod Grubb when listening to his new single “Hold On.” Much like the first couple of tracks we’ve heard from this singer/songwriter, “Hold On” has a pastoral simplicity that steers away from traditional Americana towards something a bit more cathartic, and no matter how big a country fan you happen to be, it’s got the melodic footing to turn you into a Jarod Grubb supporter after even the most cursory of listening sessions.

There’s definitely a lot of charm to Grubb’s natural delivery, which is part of the reason why I like this vocal-centric mix as much as I do. Instead of spreading the love between the instrumentation and the lead, my man is owning the spotlight with his serenade whilst creating a balanced harmony with the guitar parts that sends chills down my back every time I listen to this song. He’s found the right medium of expression, and his relaxed attitude at the mic is indicative of just how emotionally invested he is in the subject matter he’s singing about.

The rhythm of the instruments backs up the romantic tone of the lyrics brilliantly, and I would even go so far as to say that the slower tempo is the main framing that gives Grubb’s lyrics so much depth here. He could have approached us with a slightly higher sense of urgency to his words and still have come across to the audience with a healthy dose of sincerity, but it’s only at this easy beat that we’re able to appreciate just how much is weighing on his heart, despite the fairly light presence of the harmonies in this mix.

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I would really love to hear what Jarod Grubb sounds like in a live performance, as if it can hold up to what he’s putting forth in this piece, he would probably have an even greater following on the road than he does as a recording artist restricted to the four walls of the studio. He’s got an ease about him when he’s singing this song that makes me curious to see him in an intimate setting, where there’s nothing but the spotlight between his place on the stage and everyone in the audience hanging on his lyrics.

Although I only just recently came across Jarod Grubb and his music, mostly because of the buzz that his first couple of singles have been racking up, I think what he’s putting together as a signature sound in “Hold On” is going to be strong enough to get a lot of listeners interested in hearing more of his work in the near future. He’s got a lot of potential that still needs to be worked out and grown into something a bit more complete, but for what he’s letting go of in this performance, I think a lot of country singers need to take note of this rising star – and his artistic caliber.

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