John Hickman – Hello Hello

Singer-songwriter John Hickman may have roots in Dallas, Texas, but on his music he flowers into a classic British pop-rock troubadour, applying his melodic charm to his compositions and vocals.

Hickman’s latest single, the mellow and warmly pleasant Hello Hello, sounds like an off-shoot of the Beatles.  It’s full of feel-good lyrics and radiates a sunny optimism through its upbeat piano notes, streaks of electric guitar, symphonic strings diffusion, and Hickman’s British-tinged vocal inflection.

Like true pop genius, the lyrics of Hello Hello may appear simple on paper, but come to vibrant life as Hickman wistfully sings, “Hello, hey, hey / I just wanted to say / that I hope you have a nice day.”  It’s a rare sentiment to hear in song form, but very welcome and enjoyable.

The video is in keeping with the gently cheerful nature of the track. Using hand-drawn animation superimposed on real life footage, the video focuses on a woman who is walking outdoors, through a city and park area, casually following a man who keeps looking back at her.   Is he trying to evade her or will they finally meet up?  The question hangs in the air until the final frames…

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