JPTR – Attack

“JPTR is everything.”  That’s the tagline of future-pop duo JPTR, a self-described “artificial”, avant-garde music project that elicits very real emotions.

KIU (vocals, drums) and IKARU (drums, vocals) use the construct of pop as a means of communication – and they send their messages out via the bare minimum of just drums and vocals.  The result is a bold, primal sound that is entwined with vividly exclaimed vocals and potent lyrics.  The duo is in the process of releasing a new song every full moon in 2016, including the forceful, but exhilarating single Attack.

The stark, but dynamic Attack starts off with a rapid drum beat and the spoken words, “The probability of success is difficult to estimate / but if we never fight the chance of success is zero.”  KIU pushes out her vocals with vehemence to the point of near-breathlessness against the emphatic drum beat and clanking percussion.  The song builds up to a swiftly cantering pace and KIU’s vocals follow suit as she viscerally shouts out the call to arms, “Don’t look back / attack, attack / with the speed of light / we fight, fight, fight… / another moment for our future liberty.

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