Kings County – All That I Want

Heavy music has changed a lot in the last thirty years, but among its most devoted fans, one thing has remained the same – a unanimous craving for larger than life riffing, which Kings County provide for listeners in spades with the release of their new single “All That I Want.” Built on the back of a smothering guitar melody, “All That I Want” pushes audiences to their edge of their seats and doesn’t stop assaulting us with fierce distorted carnage and slick harmonies until we’re as full of energy as the band is in the music video for the song.

Unlike their peers, Kings County apparently didn’t see any need to create any additional weight on the main riff here with a metal-influenced bassline, and personally I think they made the right decision. If there had been any more of a low-end presence in the mix, I don’t know that we would have been able to hear all of the texture on the guitars, and I must say, there’s quite a bit there for us to appreciate. These guys put some thought into every aspect of this recording, and that’s obvious even from the position that I’m in as a listener.

The vocal here is really melodic and unforced, and though it’s got a bit of a grungy grit, it doesn’t sound like a cheap Seattle knockoff at all. None of the music sounds as though it’s dependent on the structure of the verses, but there’s not a lot of contrast between the two elements either. The provocative essence of “All That I Want” has everything to do with the flow of the music and almost nothing to do with the pace or, for that matter, specific embellishments in the song, tying Kings County’s approach more to alternative rock than old fashioned heavy metal.

All That I Want,” to a certain degree, is a pretty conservatively produced single, but its music video is quite the visual treat for the eyes. Aside from its blatant sexuality and nod to a 80’s party metal (which, as we all know, was eventually snuffed out by plaid-clad narcissism in the 90’s), there’ a lot of color and condensed action for us to absorb in a short amount of time, making it feel more like a thrill ride than just a plain music video. Kings County definitely fit the part they play here, and their persona doesn’t seem artificially-concocted at all.

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