Luna Shadows – Hallelujah California

Echo Park, California resident and DIY electro-pop operator Luna Shadows is shining brightly these days with her latest single, the dreamily spun number Hallelujah California.

Shadows name-checks notable locations in CA, like Silver Lake and L.A., with sweetly vaporous sighs, sounding Lana Del Rey’s innocent little sister mixed with the perkier spirit of electro/dance/synth-pop artist Madison (Check her out by searching for “noiseofmadison” online).

Hallelujah California radiates with a strong Lana Del Rey vibe as Shadows curves gently through her words, floating through the sing-song, rhyming lines “…every day is summertime / Los Angeles if you’ll be mine / then I’ll stay lonely only for you.”  She’s supported by an enveloping electro-pop haze of soft synths distortion, fast-ticking percussion, and clacking and thumping beats.  Based on this captivating track Luna Shadows will soon have her day in the sun.

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