Madelyn Victoria – Right Here With You

Fledgling country phenom Madelyn Victoria channels country legends of yesteryear in her new single and music video Right Here With You, which picks up where she left off with her self-titled 2014 debut and continues to expand upon her easy going style. Victoria struts casually through the verses with a commanding grip over the emotions that they evoke.

The words are subtly delivered in a half-whisper of a vocal that gradually gets stronger as we progress through the song. There’s a bold little harmony being conjured up between the string instruments in the background, but nothing gets between us and the intensely hypnotic singing. Victoria has developed her range significantly in the last few years, and in this track she demonstrates just how nimble a performer she’s become.

These grooves get a little boisterous in the chorus, but she never backs down. Fearlessly she cuts through the rich tonality of the melody with her smoky voice, adding contrast and texture to an otherwise familiar tune.

Country music at its finest encapsulates the mood of a pastoral highway cutting right through the heart of Americana, but Right Here With You does something even more special; it puts us in the shoes of its brilliant composer, who has proven that she’s only getting better with age and experience.

Victoria’s singing was clearly meant to be the star of this track, and the slick production quality compliments its grandeur. The vocal is bright and soft and actually helps to even out the sharp twang in the slide guitar parts. The beat is swinging, but I think that Victoria’s style of prose makes it a little more urgent, almost like we’re chasing after our own hearts.

All of these little details help to create the bold energy in the song, which is fueled by all of the vitality in the backing band. I’d be curious to hear this track in a live setting to see how Victoria would choose to play it. As an acoustic number it has the potential to be a really rousing, emotional piece; in this electrified form that we find in the single, my gut tells me that it would light up any crowd with a penchant for high voltage country anthems.

As lyrically biting as it is musically stimulating, Madelyn Victoria doesn’t shortcut us on any level of Right Here With You. Her voice has a comforting, warm timbre that makes us feel right at home with her presence. The band gets much more rambunctious than she actually does; her performance here is marked with a lot of patience and well-timed vibrato that makes every component of the track feel so epic and authentic.

There’s not a moment – even in the song’s awesome climactic chorus – where we feel like Victoria is trying to dish out another standard country love song, or something even more trite and predictable. She wears her influences on her sleeve, but at the same time she isn’t afraid to be her own artist and forge her own path.

I think she’s doing a fine job of refining her song craft, and whether you’re country music fan or not you’d be wise to hear what she’s done with her latest and possibly most well-rounded single to date.

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