Matt Bauer – I Am Trying To Disappear

The other day I was feeling reflective as I stared out the window. I went searching for music to check out & came across a title that caught my eye. So I decided to check out I Am Trying To Disappear, the latest single from Brooklyn-based Matt Bauer whose album Dream’s End just came out last Friday on Crossbill Records.

After hearing the opening sequence, I readily thought this will just be another folk song. However by the end, my feelings on it had completely changed. Those who know me can attest to the fact I tend to favor really depressing sounding music depending on my mood & I Am Trying To Disappear did not disappoint in that department.

I found the song to be hauntingly sad yet amazingly beautiful at the same time as Matt’s vocals matched up with the music perfectly to the point that you could not picture anyone else being able to do this song any justice.

What really made I Am Trying To Disappear work so well is how it slowly built itself up before evolving to the eventual moment of emotional fulfillment. This is a perfect song to listen to on a rainy day which is funny because it was just that when I listened to the song & wrote these thoughts…

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