Have Mercy – Baby Grand

Have Mercy (who I did a video review for last week) recently released Baby Grand, the latest single from their album Make The Best Of It. The fact that the album was even released is nothing short of spectacular after reading how Brian Swindle was the last man standing in the band literally. I admire the fact he kept at it with the project even in the face of the band adversity.

Baby Grand itself has a bittersweet feeling to it even though it has an upbeat sound to it. I interpreted the meaning of the song to be about wanting to hold on to something you care about even when circumstances change. Personally such a message is something I can strongly relate to on a deep level.

What really makes Baby Grand stand out besides its powerful message is how easy of a listen it is regardless of what your favorite genre might be. I feel it is a song that can be enjoyed by everyone & I highly suggest giving it a listen.

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