NGHBRS – Small Talk

From the very beginning of this song, I was hooked.

An introduction of strong guitar and drums was very promising, and made me excited to hear the rest of the track to follow.

The initial made scramble that we are brought in to dies down to a bass riff, and we are introduced to some raw and edgy vocals. Guitars are then re-introduced to us gradually, being played beautifully alongside the vocalist, building up to what was guaranteed to be a catchy and memorable chorus.

Just as expected, the chorus delivered on par to the build-up. Catchy, jumpy, and toe-tappingly good, it delivered on both an instrumental and vocal level; treating us to lofty guitar riffs, which I can only imagine would send a live audience into a mass of thrashing bodies.

After to being treated to a second chorus, the heavy instruments drop down into more subtle guitar, once again complimenting the vocalist, who’s voice, I must admit, I have fallen a little bit in love with.

Like the flick of a switch, this then ends, to be brought into one final play of the chorus, ending with the guitar being played with true passion; bending, dipping, and proving the song to be a sure-fire hit from start to finish.

It usually takes a pretty strong pull for me to be excited about a band from the very first play of a song, and this is the first time that I have heard of the work produced by NGHBRS. I can assure you all that I am very excited to hear more from this group.

I can only imagine that they deliver just as well live as they do recorded, as all that was crossing through my mind throughout playback was how much I would to hear it played from a stage, as part of the sweaty and bouncy crowd that are sure to follow them.

I can absolutely guarantee that I will go away and look more into the work of NGHBRS. I can genuinely say that I have not been so excited by a new piece of music for a while – or as would be more fitting to say ‘it’s been a long time’.

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