Rob Alexander – All That’s Mine Is Yours

In the third single from his critically acclaimed smash Long Road Coming Home, singer/songwriter Rob Alexander delivers his most stunning and polished melodies to date in a song simply titled All That’s Mine Is Yours.

Singer/songwriters have traditionally shied away from the kind of experimental dabbling that Alexander openly embraces with this track and the whole of Long Road Coming Home, and his complete lack of inhibition is a markedly refreshing change of pace from the majority of adult contemporary artists that I’ve reviewed in the last year. Equally cosmopolitan in its stylishness and pastoral in its delicate lyricism, All That’s Mine Is Yours is a gorgeous love song and quite possibly the exact dose of power balladry that 2018 needed.

Rob Alexander reminds me a lot of classic rock’s most intrepid songwriters, but his sound hardly lives in the past. What makes a song like All That’s Mine Is Yours unique to this century of pop music isn’t just its progressive song structure or high-volume presentation, but moreover its preservation of Alexander’s vulnerability.

Instead of washing out his emotions with a lot of post-production editing, this feels like a single take recording of a performer who is cool, confident and collected in the studio just as much as he is on the stage. He doesn’t have to dress up his style for listeners to easily get a grasp of his core narrative, which stands in stark contrast to his contemporaries and their liberal use of corrective recording software.

Gabe Lopez deserves a lot of credit for how excellently this song turned out alongside the rest of Long Road Coming Home, and I’d even got as far as to say that his production technique is the perfect complement to Rob Alexander’s raw, angular songwriting.

It never feels like we’re listening to a studio single when we press play on All That’s Mine Is Yours but rather like we’re witnessing an intimate performance in a much more modest venue. Of his last three singles, this is by far the most radio-ready and demonstrative of Alexander’s massive skillset behind the microphone, and I would actually recommend this song to listeners unfamiliar with his work as a good jumping off point for getting acquainted with his creative identity.

It isn’t going to take much for Rob Alexander to break out of the American indie underground and onto the prime time stage where he truly belongs, and I think that All That’s Mine Is Yours is going to play a big part in transitioning his career into the mainstream. Artists like Alexander are a rare breed and typically only come around a dozen times in a generation, with three quarters of that dozen straight up missing their window and becoming relics to be lost to the ravages of time.

The stars are aligning for Long Road Coming Home to make the big splash commercially that critics around the country are already abuzz with, and I for one can’t wait to see what comes next for this exciting new face in contemporary pop.

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