Rob Alexander – Get Over Yourself

Rob Alexander’s “Get Over Yourself” is the first single from his new studio album Young Man’s Eyes and it’s a doozy. It crosses a lot of stylistic lines, as well, never resting in a single specific realm. Listeners can enjoy it as a rambunctious dance track; it isn’t difficult imagining this song pumping from massive club speakers. It’s equally strong as an uptempo pop song. There’s a singer/songwriter aspect, as well, because Alexander isn’t shy about tackling adult themes in the song’s lyrics. Lastly, the duet format of the song, with second singer Gigi Worth taking over the track’s final half, places it in an appealing commercial territory as well.

Working with Gigi Worth provides an extra bit of dazzle to an already mesmerizing performance. She has a very different voice and style than Alexander, but her voice nonetheless shapes itself around the song with perhaps surprising seamlessness. The contrasts are pleasing rather than jarring. Some listeners may prefer her more traditional and relaxed approach; Alexander has a much more rousing delivery than Worth, though neither vocalist lacks energy. Counterpointing their voices in the way this song does make for a richer listening experience.

The music contributes mightily to the overall effect. The guitar playing, in particular, gives some teeth to an otherwise synthesizer/keyboard-dominated arrangement. It has a sharp and jagged sound that commands your attention without ever becoming abrasive. There’s even space in the arrangement for some piercing lead work near the song’s end and it doesn’t sound at all out of place. Every part of the musical arrangement is functional rather than ornamental and the song’s running time never tests a listener’s patience.

Alexander’s commitment to writing mature quality material shines bright. This isn’t your typical ineffectual pop song about love, heartbreak, or desire. Instead, “Get Over Yourself” reaches higher with its exhortation to listeners that they focus on life’s larger picture rather than miring themselves in self-absorption. It’s hard to point toward other modern pop songs that aspire to such lofty thematic goals. It’s proof positive, if needed, that Alexander’s musical art is a cut above the mundane.

His vocal style will be a take-or-leave proposition for most. Alexander favors a dramatic tone that owes a considerable debt to Elton John, though few will label him an outright imitator. Alexander, instead, takes identifiable attributes from John and spins them in a different direction with his impassioned cinematic flair. It’s grander and, in many ways, bolder than his primary influence would ever dare.

Taken as a whole, “Get Over Yourself” is an entertaining and challenging listen. The challenge comes from the assertive manner he chooses to engage listeners with, and he doesn’t back down for a second. Incorporating Gigi Worth’s vocals sweetens the track somewhat, but her contributions don’t lessen the instructive qualities of the songwriting. It’s music that wants to lift listeners up, yes, but looks to make us think as well. Such a combination is increasingly rare, and we can thank god that Rob Alexander is willing to go places other singers aren’t willing to travel.

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