Secret Social Club – Gravity

Growing out of the darkness with a swelling percussive pulsation that increases its menacing prowess with every passing beat, Secret Social Club’s “Gravity” simmers for a bit before erupting like a long-dormant volcano destined to blanket everything within earshot of its mightily metallic melodies in rock n’ roll ash.

Guitars assault us from all sides while drums attempt to rebuff the ensuing collision of sonic colors the best they can, but in the center of all the chaos, a soft lead vocal reminds us that even in life’s most bitter of moments, there’s often a sweet silver lining to be appreciated. Secret Social Club are undeniably new kids on the block right now, but in this debut effort, they’re playing like the veteran rock n’ rollers that we need now more than ever before.

The instrumentation is debatably just as much of a draw as the vocal, lyrics and even the shots in the music video for “Gravity” are, but it isn’t because any of the riffs here are being given some sort of synthetic boost from behind the soundboard. It’s obvious from the get-go in this song, even to the most novice of critical ears, that filler wasn’t on the table for Secret Social Club when they were crafting the physical nature of the grooves, and more importantly, the harmonies they so buoyantly support.

Alternative rock has been lacking the kind of unfiltered guitar wallop found within this virgin outing in recent years, but with the arrival of SSC on the scene, I think we can rest assured that this won’t be the only melodic headbanger we’ll hear from the genre in this newly unfolding decade.

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