Silk Drop – Broken Mind

Silk Drop is the aurally entrancing result of the musical collaboration between beats master Subaqueous (AKA Isaac Cotec) and vocalist Heather Christie (AKA Heather Cheraki as a solo act).

Cotec is known for integrating organic production into his electronic material and for his knowledge and teaching of production techniques and sound design.  Christie has been gaining notice as part of the electronic duo Feral Fauna, which recently dropped the single Tincture, and is part of numerous musical projects including Sirens of Soul.

Silk Drop just released its 6-track debut EP, Traces, which slowly blooms with down-tempo beats, shimmering electronics, crisp percussion, occasional live strings, and Christie’s twisting, soulful vocals.

The smooth lament of Broken Mind highlights Christie’s involving emotions as she shifts from a deeper register on the verses to a lighter, longing tone on the chorus sections.  Reverberating burbling electronic notes leaven the brooding mood while a buzzing synth line winds throughout the tune.  A measured clacking beat and quickly shaken percussion create a reflective backdrop for Christie to ruminate about a conflicted relationship where she can’t help loving her partner, sighing resignedly, “…I won’t make it without you.” and “I wish we could be happy.”

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