Sun & Flesh – Dig In Deep

Explosive. Guttural. Chugging out of the silence like a freight train running off the tracks and out of control, the riffage that we come in contact with in Sun & Flesh’s new single and music video “Dig In Deep,” the title cut from their latest LP, is by far the flash point of all the lusty charisma this song has to offer. As dynamic as their overall sound is, Sun & Flesh are defined by their assaultive approach to guitar-driven hard rock, and in “Dig In Deep,” they pledge their allegiances to the power of the six-string above all other sonic gods.

Aside from the riffing, the bassline featured in this single is definitely as brutish as they come without tripping into the stylistic pitfalls that come with overdriven excess. Most every component in “Dig In Deep” is contributing to the flood of distorted carnage that flows from our speakers from the moment we press play to the very instant in which the band’s throttling grooves disappear into the darkness from which they were born, and in terms of efficient songcraft, theirs is an attitude I’d love to see some of their rivals adopt in the future.

As dirty as the melodies are in “Dig In Deep” the master mix here is surprisingly clean and crisp, allowing for us to appreciate the intricacies in the track without feeling overwhelmed by the complexities that come with producing something as tight and metallic as this song undeniably is. The music video is just as superbly constructed, and while it’s littered with imagery that might qualify as being a bit much on the eyes for conservative viewers, something tells me that Sun & Flesh weren’t particularly concerned with winning the favor of the church-going, white shirt crowd with this latest release.

Comparing the video for “Dig In Deep” and the song on its own doesn’t seem particularly fair to me, especially when taking into account how much detail was put into making the video feel a little more expressive and theatrical than the average rock/metal cut in 2020 would be. The visuals are undisputedly as jarring as the music is, but it isn’t actually comprised of anything that I would deem present exclusively for the purposes of repelling mainstream audiences. Sun & Flesh have a story to tell with their music, and if we look beyond their surface aesthetics, they’re honestly offering up a more evocative studio recording than most anyone else in their scene is in this recording.

If you crave real rock n’ roll madness of the most discriminatingly abrasive strain, Sun & Flesh’s “Dig In Deep” as well as the album it shares its title with, are must-listens this April. ““Dig In Deep” is a polished take on a volatile brand of hard-hitting, groove-powered music, and for those of us who have been in need of something a little heavier to balance out the moderate tempos of mainstream rock this spring, it could not be arriving at more appropriate moment.

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