Modern Vices – Taller In The Sunshine

Since I started writing music reviews, I have always had a hard time writing negative reviews. This stems from understanding how much goes into creating any sort of music to put out.

However I have come to the realization that I might be more helpful to an artist or perspective fan by being brutally honest & that is how I will be when it comes to Taller In The Sunshine, the latest single from Modern Vices which I was recently asked to review.

The second I put it on, I scrunched up my face as I knew I would hate it. The vocals feel forced & exaggerated. The instrumentals were average at best & truthfully that is the nicest thing I could say about the song.

Taller In The Sunshine sounds extremely cheesy to the point that you could picture it being played by a wedding band! I listened it to a few more times after the fact to see if my opinion would change. Unfortunately it only became worse.

Sorry Modern Vices, but Taller In The Sunshine is a complete dud.

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