The High Plains Drifters – Alone On Christmas Day

Alone On Christmas Day” is the new single from New York City’s increasingly popular The High Plains Drifters, still a relative newcomer to the music world, but nonetheless a must-hear indie act with the potential to crossover into the mainstream.

They’ve hit a memorable high point with this new single without relying on trite and overplayed Christmas cliches and profit much more from a polished approach that illustrates their musicianship and songwriting depth in equal measure.

Alone On Christmas Day” is much more than a worthwhile holiday tune; it’s a resounding triumph because it’s real and a solid song.

They are getting better and better with such fare. 2021’s Songs of Love and Loss represented such a major step forward past the partially realized promise of the band’s debut that it isn’t a surprise they are branching even further out with this new single.

Of course, for existing fans, there is definite familiarity. They aren’t revamping their approach or core sound with this release but the deepening smarts fueling each new release distinguishes the quartet from many of their contemporaries and peers.

The accompanying promotional video definitely sets them apart. The High Plains Drifters go all out in crafting a memorable clip for viewers that complements the song while standing on its own as a compelling serving of eye candy for interested parties.

There are several highly creative portions of the footage that underline the band’s inherent sense of humor without ever obscuring the musical merits of the single and it does an excellent job of strengthening the narrative aspects of “Alone On Christmas Day

Instrumental contributions to the song are another high point. It is deeply satisfying to hear how deftly the four band members unify their respective parts into an overall whole and show a total lack of ego.

The High Plains Drifters are a band in the best sense of the word. There aren’t any individual trips going on during the performance that ultimately weigh down the finished product, yet their skill is apparent at every turn.

They don’t bite off more than they chew either. The video runs longer, but the actual song only barely breaks the four-minute mark and the cool energy it gives off is more than enough to sustain the performance.

The rather unorthodox vocal delivery, more talk than singing, nevertheless bears its own unique charm that ingratiates itself with listeners from the outset. It helps, as well, in conveying the smirking chagrin they lace through the lyrics.

The High Plains Drifters’ “Alone On Christmas Day” is an outstanding Christmas-themed single and has ready-made appeal for a wide swath of listeners.

The New York City-based quartet are making leaps and bounds with each new single and this offering continues their sharp upward trajectory without ever sacrificing their identity. It is no stretch to imagine the band making significant inroads into the mainstream over the next few years and, if they do, it will be well deserved. They have struck gold with this new single.

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