Vibrissae – Need

The electronic/alternative rock act Vibrissae is based in Portland, Oregon, but its members originally hail from various areas around the globe.  Imber Lingard (vocals) is from Australia, Emma Bell (various instruments) was born in Malaysia, and Aaron Bell (various instruments) and Sandi Leeper (vocals) are from the U.S.

Their different geographical backgrounds, but similar musical tastes have informed Vibrissae’s stylistically varied debut album, Somewhere Away, which is scheduled for release August 19th on Vipchoyo Sound Factory.  Alt-rock, electronic, post-rock, and shoegaze elements all co-exist or mingle with each other on Somewhere Away’s captivating, but disparate tracks.  Lingard appears as the vocalist on the album, but has since been pulled away from the band by other responsibilities.  Leeper has joined Vibrissae as the current vocalist for live performances.

Lead single Need shows just one facet of the trio’s sound, but it’s a striking one that bristles with menacing, post-punk guitar distortion and charms with alt-1990s guitar lines.  The flurry of guitar fury hits intermittently throughout the track, creating deceptively calm pockets that get upended each time the guitars come back for an attack.

A prominent, deeply flexing bass line, burnished guitar chime, and ticking cymbals and drum beat support Lingard’s light and girlish, sing-talking vocals on the verses.  She changes emotional tack on the chorus, intoning with authority, “This is what you want / This is what you need.” as the guitar distortion swirls around her like a stormy whirlwind.  It’s easy to get swept up in the turbulent atmosphere of Need.

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