Victor Pedro – Call Me, I Miss Ya!

Synthesized strands of melody rain down on us from above. As they make contact with our ears, their sharp tonality gives them a jagged finish that contrasts severely with their lush texture. Seductive singing wisps through the atmosphere around us like an icy winter breeze and cools off the heat that is starting to emanate from a rising bassline.

Beats spill into center stage alongside the urbane serenade of Victor Pedro, whose confident demeanor spreads across everything in the instrumentation behind him and infects the underlying groove with its swagger. He’s in his element, putting out a virtuosic vocal in the middle of an emerging sonic windstorm, and never showing even the slightest hesitance in his execution.

In this latest single from the acclaimed urban pop phenom, titled “Call Me, I Miss Ya!,” Victor Pedro proves that he’s not above experimenting with his sound nor trying the untried techniques that so many of his contemporaries would reject without reason, and he finds some marvelous results, to put it mildly.

The production quality in this song is absolutely top shelf. While I was a little underwhelmed with “Takeover,” “Call Me, I Miss Ya!” has a much crisper tone than I was expecting, and stylizes all of its grandiosity around the lead vocal from Pedro, who is also performing at the top of his game in this single.

The rhythm is a bit understated, but it doesn’t lag behind the deliberately drawn out crooning from this powerhouse poet. There’s a couple of subtle contradictions in the construction of this track that put it at serious odds with the mainstream R&B model as it presently looks in 2019, but I think that, if anything, this was very much a part of Pedro’s predesigned plan for the song.

An experimental resonance hangs over the bassline here, and it extends itself into the vocal as well as the drums, and while it’s cerebral (and even somewhat ambient in a few spots), it’s anything but inaccessible or overly eccentric. I get the impression that Victor Pedro wants to see how far he can push himself as an artist in this song, and he produces a single that definitely makes me want to hear more of his out-of-the-box concepts in the future.

Smart, sexy and sophisticated beyond what you’ll find in the typical hip-hop and R&B fodder tailor-made for commercial FM radio, you really can’t go wrong with “Call Me, I Miss Ya!” this April if you love slow funk with a boisterous set of beats. While the substance of the lyrics in this new single from Victor Pedro is rather melancholic in nature, there’s nothing in its musical cosmetics but optimism and positive energy that comes ripping out of every verse that he lays down in the song.

Perhaps that’s the deeper narrative in “Call Me, I Miss Ya!”; even when times are at their darkest and most desperately depressed, there’s always some hope out there where we’re least expecting to find it. This is thought provoking R&B for sure, and it’s some of the most poignant work I’ve heard from Pedro so far.

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