Waiting For Sunday – The Love Is Gone

Vancouver, Canada-residing alternative rock four-piece Waiting For Sunday released its sophomore album, The Windsor Effect, this past winter, a follow-up to its 2011 debut album The Courage, The Strength, The Wisdom & Doubt.

Dan Hudson (guitar, vocals), Matt Gauld (lead guitar), Mircea Tracke (bass), and Colin Everall (drums, producer) bring together their varied musical backgrounds (indie rock, classic rock, jazz, and industrial rock, respectively) on their alt-rock-oriented tunes.

Lead single The Love Is Gone begins as a low-key affair that slowly unfurls with soft cymbal shimmer, flute-like warbles, a measured drum beat, and limpid guitar lines that wend fluidly around the post-rock bends.  Hudson comes emerges from the cloudy atmosphere with his more straightforward, sing-talking vocals, intoning reflectively about, “…contradictions in your path…” and opining, “Why shouldn’t I risk it all?”

The drum beat eventually kicks it up a notch while strummed acoustic guitar and deeper keyboard lines materialize.  The build-up and break down continues from there, with a controlled blaze of circling electric guitar lines, brisk cymbals hits, and a faster, emphatic drum tempo finishing off the song.

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