WeatheredMan – Salty Dish

Hybrid music collective WeatheredMan is the idea of Liverpool, England-based Simon Bradshaw, the frontman and songwriter of modern mariachi band Roja.

WeatheredMan’s debut release, the EP titled C-30 Duets Vol. 1, features collabs with notable creatives like boy band/pop star Aaron Paul, soul singer Danii Roundtree, dance music artist Tricia McTeague, indie musician LeeSun, and rocker Kim Jennett.

C-30 Duets Vol. 1 just came out in early November and now the act has released a video for the tasty Salty Dish, on which LeeSun guests.  The laid-back, but scintillating number is a smashing together of the rock, jazz, hip-hop, and funk genres.

Salty Dish’s casually strutting drum beat, sparkling cymbals shimmer, and a plethora of horns serve as the appetizer until the main course arrives with WeatheredMan’s drawn out, nonchalantly delivered sing-talking vocals.  He’s backed that high-stepping beat and sweet, sighing vocals from LeeSun.  A cautionary tale, WeatheredMan warns that, “Someone’s filling my repeat prescriptions / with drugs that I can’t spell.”  Will he resist the temptation of the ‘salty dish’?  Tune in to find out…

If you enjoyed Salty Dish, check out the official website for WeatheredMan by clicking here and give him a like on Facebook by clicking here.

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