Winchester Revival – Reborn, Reformed, Revived

Brisbane, Australia’s Winchester Revival’s “Reborn, Reformed, Revived” is the latest blast of unadulterated rock and roll from this rough ‘n’ ready four piece. The tight humbucker-driven guitar sound that comes ripping out of the speaker at listeners is the musical equivalent of a fist wrapped in razor-wire. It pummels listeners with short staccato strikes launching into the opening verse.

There’s plenty of swagger in the vocals without ever tipping over into parody. There’s nothing ironic about Winchester Revival’s presentation or objectives. This is a classic hard rock outfit with a thoroughly contemporary punch that has listeners reeling from the first. Even younger listeners will identify the track’s familiar rugged terrain. They aren’t attempting to reinvent the wheel musically, but authenticity is always cutting-edge, particularly in times such as this.

Material such as this will risk sounding like a pose for some listeners. Careful listening, however, to the lyrics and the lead vocal phrasing further underlines the lack of parody propelling the cut forward. The song’s main riff hits a hypnotic groove early on and the steady percussive roll driving the rhythm section provides a near-perfect counterpoint.

It is a classic four-piece setup driving the band. The rhythm section could, perhaps, use a little more oomph, but it’s far from disqualifying. It’s likely a result of hearing the song through computer speakers rather than production issues; few will struggle imagining this song packing a wallop over a good sound system or, even better, live.

It’s definitely built for the stage. Winchester Revival’s embrace of classic hard rock fundamentals will play well to any audience and has the potential to win over otherwise casual listeners. Press over recent years makes a big deal about rock music’s lack of modern commercial clout, but let’s be glad Winchester Revival never heeded those prophets of impending doom. They’ve produced material any listener can relate to.

The chorus kicks doors in and the backing vocals are their crowning touch. It complements the lead vocal while having just enough of a ragged quality to make things a little more rock ‘n’ roll. They tear out of that first chorus like a band possessed but throw listeners a curve ball with the song’s bridge. It’s an atmospheric interlude in an otherwise balls to the wall rocker that nevertheless crackles with the same brio fueling the song overall.

A fiery guitar solo ends the single with a huge exclamation point. Winchester Revival aren’t serving up empty rock histrionics for modern audiences, many of those cliches are milked bone dry, but restating the genre’s timeless themes in a voice all their own. “Reborn, Reformed, Revived” is one of Winchester Revival’s most convincing slabs of boisterous hard rock goodness yet and the band shows no sign of slowing down. If you already know this band, you’ll be more than satisfied with this latest turn. If you’re a newcomer and like what you hear, hang on tight and don’t look down. They are flying higher than ever before with this new song.

Check out the official website for Winchester Revival by clicking here. Pick up a copy of their latest single Reborn, Reformed, Revived on Apple Music by clicking here.

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