Wlady and T.N.Y. feat lossa – Beatrice

Italian producers Wladimiro Perrini, better known to listeners as Wlady, and Tony Colangelo (T.N.Y.) come together in their latest collaboration alongside singer Iossa for the track “Beatrice,” a sheer tour de force that fuses their collective talents together in a beautifully polished package.

This single sees the trio dazzling audiences with a sensuous blend of boisterous beats and lush lyricism that pushes the limits of modern EDM into surreal pop territory and imparts an emotionality that is rather uncommon in the genre.

Wlady & T.N.Y. waste no time dispatching waves of bold melodies that clash but form a singular ocean of sonic might, and while the music is as captivating as a tornado on a deserted plain, Iossa’s vocal stylings remain dominant in the master mix.

The rhythm that wraps around us in this track is understated, yet consistently creates a sense of urgency that is inescapable by the time we reach the middle of the song. Wlady & T.N.Y. are both at the top of their game here, holding nothing back behind the soundboard and delivering their weighty grooves free of the tinny filtration that has become so common in western electronic music.

Beatrice” has an undeniably European swagger to it, but I wouldn’t say that its appeal is limited to Old World audiences exclusively. If anything, this urbane, minimalist style of attack is all the more attractive to American listeners right now, who have very little – if anything – in their spectrum possessing the same tightly wound production that this music features so prominently.

There’s a lot of layers to this sound, but I wouldn’t go as far as to say that the multidimensional profile of “Beatrice” is avant-garde or experimental in nature. Iossa is the linchpin in the center of all the chaos, guiding us through the storm of harmonies that rip so violently through the track, and even when the music is at its most intense, our focus is never distracted from his delicately crafted lyrics.

Beatrice” is a rare example of an EDM song that puts as much stock in a conventional verse as it does the depth of a bassline, and as a result we’re treated to a wickedly infectious adventure that takes us well beyond the glaring neon of the club and into the grit and tonality of its cosmopolitan soundtrack.

A bold dance single that’s smarter than the majority of its contemporaries, “Beatrice” is a fine addition to the respective discographies of Wlady, T.N.Y. and Iossa, and while more often than not EDM is geared towards a very specific listener with very particular demands, I think that this song has a wonderful crossover feel that makes it just as satisfying to pop fanatics as it is to rave kids.

I’d love to see these artists work on more music together in the future; what Wlady & T.N.Y. have crafted together in the studio to date has been utterly mesmerizing for critics and electronica aficionados alike, and when teamed with the brooding vocals of Iossa, they make for an unstoppable trio of audiological assassins.

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