Lust For Youth – New Boys

Recently Lust For Youth released a music video for their song New Boys. The first thought to come to mind after watching it initially was odd, make that very odd……

The video starts off with a bunch of pretty images such as butterflies, fish swimming innocently in the water, sunset, etc… until boom it takes a turn for the weird as we get to see someones lips & a random nipple.

Eventually the camera pans out & you see that in the water is a young boy who for the rest of the video does random things while being topless. To be honest, I felt creeped out after watching it. I am all for thinking outside the box but this video just felt unsettling.

I don’t get how the video was to match the song or why the imagery that was shown was chosen. If they were going for bizarre, kudos to them for a job well done!

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