Muuy Biien – Moral Compass

I recently checked out Moral Compass, the latest video by the Athens, Georgia based punk band Muuy Biien. I have to say it is has been quite sometime since I watched a music video that just left me speechless.

My initial thought while watching Moral Compass was what in the world am I watching & that was followed up with the feeling that this actually sounds pretty cool, so let’s just focus on the latter sentiment for awhile. The most enjoyable part of Moral Compass was the vocal work that brought back awesome memories of 90’s punk which I quite enjoyed.

In terms of the video, to say the concept was abstract would be a massive understatement. All I could think is okay the guy is wearing a wedding dress & his private package turned into a Venus fly trap. Now if that does not entice you to check out the video, I don’t know what will.

Either way you slice it, I actually can admit that I appreciated the outlandishness of the video & the experience it gave me. Perhaps you will feel the same way.

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