Body Type 03-16-19 (Live @ Swan Dive)

Fun, energetic, sassy are three great adjectives to the describe the foursome of Annabel (guitars/vocals), Cecil (drums), Georgia (bass/vocals) & Sophie (guitars/vocals) better known as Body Type.

The band headlined The Line Of Best Fit’s official SXSW Showcase at Swan Dive to a super packed crowd who clearly was there to see them rock out which they did for a fun filled 11 song set.

They opened up with a rousing performance of 264 from their 2016 7″ Ludlow/264. This was followed by a strong version of Teeth from their 2018 self-titled EP. Some other standout songs included UMA, Stingray, Insomnia & Free To Air. All of those songs are from their upcoming EP titled EP2 which drops May 3rd!

Towards the end of the set we had a kick ass version of Ludlow which was followed up by what was supposed to be the finale in Palms which is hands down my favorite song from  the band. I was pumped to hear it live. I tried seeing them on my first day in town but the venue was so packed, I only could watch them from outside the room!

The fans were so pumped after Palms, they kept shouting for more as 10 songs was not enough. The band happy obliged by coming out & performing That Was The Last Time.

Body Type had a lot of hype about their live performances heading into to SXSW 2019 & after seeing them, I can proudly say they not only lived up to it, they blew way past it and then some!


  1. 264
  2. Teeth
  3. UMA
  4. Stingray
  5. Dry Grass
  6. Insomnia
  7. Free To Air
  8. Arrow
  9. Ludlow
  10. Palms
  11. That Was The Last Time

Check out the full album on Capture The Show by clicking here!

To find out more about Body Type, visit their official website by clicking here. Give them a like on Facebook by clicking here & a follow on Twitter by clicking here. Lastly check out their music on Bandcamp by clicking here.

David Holland

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