Bush 08-17-19 (Live @ Klipsch Amphitheater at Bayfront Park)

Sometimes the best medicine you can receive during a crazy & changing time in your life is an old friend that brings back great memories. Such was the case for me this past Saturday night when I got to attend & shoot The ALTimate Tour featuring Bush, Live & Our Lady Peace at the Klipsch Amphitheater at Bayfront Park in Miami.

After a short yet fun set by Our Lady Peace, Bush hit the stage next to the roar of the packed crowd who clearly was excited to see the band. Gavin & the boys did not disappoint the hyped up crowd by opening with fan favorite Machinehead which sounded just as good as it did when it first came out. They followed it up with a strong performance of This Is War from the 2017 remastered deluxe edition of the album Black and White Rainbows.

However the band went straight back to the fan favorites as they absolutely killed it with rousing performances of Everything Zen, Swallowed & a Gavin acknowledged deeper cut from Sixteen Stone, Body.

Gavin clearly loved performing for the Miami fans as you could feel his excitement through not only his performance but his banter as he shared how much fun the band has been having not only at this show but throughout the whole tour as they celebrate Sixteen Stone. He was truly astonished at the amount of fans they have come across throughout the tour who still resonate with the album to this day.

After a couple of newer songs in The Disease of The Dancing Cats and Bullet Holes, they ended the show on a major bang as they wowed the crowd with a charged up version of Little Things that saw Gavin go into the crowd and belt out the lyrics like only he can.

He made his way back to the stage for a solo performance of Glycerine which saw him ask for people to light up the stage with their cell phones. The crowd did not disappoint as they lit him up as he sang his heart out much to the happiness of every single person in the crowd.

They ended the set with a super energetic version of Comedown which had the same ferociousness and punch just like it did on the album and the first ever live performances of the song some 25 years ago!

Seeing Bush was a very big thing for me as I have been a fan since day one yet never had the opportunity to see them live. Getting the chance to do so while shooting the show made it even that much more special. Thanks to Gavin & the boys for putting on a show I & those in attendance will never forget!


  1. Machinehead
  2. This Is War
  3. Everything Zen
  4. Swallowed
  5. Body
  6. The Disease of The Dancing Cats
  7. Bullet Holes
  8. Little Things
  9. Glycerine
  10. Comedown

Check out the full album on Capture The Show by clicking here!

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