Shadow Monster 04-19-19 (Live @ Our Wicked Lady)

A little over two months is not a lot of time to most people or in most situations. However for me it felt like an eternity since I had seen Shadow Monster! Between heading to Austin for SXSW & other business related traveling, my schedule took away one of my favorite things to do. So when I finally had an opportunity to catch a show, nothing was going to stop me!

I made my way out to Our Wicked Lady to catch a solo set which was absolutely perfect from start to finish. The set was kicked off my favorite song Punching Bag which to this day I am still as obsessed as when I first heard it. The truth is it will always be one of my all time favorite songs period! This was the first time seeing it performed as the opening number which added to the intrigue for me.

Eyes In My Sleep (Alternate Version) was amazing as always. As much as I love the band version with the fast pace, the song is just as powerful as a melodic solo number with Gillian’s angelic vocals.

We were treated to a great rendition of Elliott Smith’s Between The Bars. Hearing it brought me back to last October when she did 2 Halloween solo sets as him which were breathtaking! Hopefully that will happen again this Halloween!

On this night we all had the pleasure to hear a very old song from the Shadow Monster catalog as she played Summer On Valley Road. With this being the very first time I ever heard the song, I definitely enjoyed it & would not mind hearing it again in the future.

The set closed out with a beautiful version of Unravel You which was as raw & emotional as it has ever sounded. It definitely hit the spot for the crowd  & rightfully so as it was that good.

Check out the full album on Capture The Show by clicking here!

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David Holland

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