Annabel Allum 03-12-19 (Live @ Seven Grand)

SXSW has come & gone but the coverage I will share for you is just beginning! Going in, I had a game plan in terms of a schedule of artists I wanted to see. Annabel Allum was one of the artists on my official schedule.

Now being experienced in doing press work at festivals over multiple venues, I know keeping to a schedule can be difficult & sometimes impossible. Thankfully my opening show of the night was a 2 minute walk away.

With the venue being so packed for the first show, I ended up arriving to Seven Grand a few minutes early & secured a prime spot to see Annabel Allum perform at the Killing Moon Live x Reverb Nation SXSW Showcase.

Annabel performed with her band consisting of Liam Corneloues on Bass & Emma Hiley on Drums. The three were wearing matching Dickies jumpsuits which was a cool touch. The set itself was fantastic & a perfect way to start my first ever SXSW experience.

Annabel’s songs showcased a lot of raw emotion which blended perfectly with the spunk that she had in terms of stage presence. The only complaint is I wish the set was longer as I definitely was left highly impressed & intrigued by the raw sound of this talented singer-songwriter.

Check out the full album of images from this set on Capture The Show by clicking here.

To find out more about Annabel Allum, check out her official website by clicking here. Give her a like on Facebook by clicking here & a follow on Twitter by clicking here.

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