Bird Streets 06-22-17 (Live @ The Way Station)

My last piece of business for this particular evening at The Way Station came as a surprise to me. My sole intention was to shoot Talay’s set & call it a night work wise and just relax with my best friends while enjoying the headline act of the night Bird Streets.

I actually had packed my camera away & started to enjoy my tasty Captain Jack when they hit the stage. However by time the second song Until The Crown had finished, I found myself regretting not recording the song on video as I really loved how it sounded. So much so, I decided to pull out my camera & get some pictures & video for the rest of their set.

My decision to do so paid off as the band powered through a 10 song set that was extremely polished on all fronts. I found myself enjoying pretty much every song I heard with some definitely becoming ones I could classify as my personal favorites.

Some of the highlights include the aforementioned Until The Crown as well as Born With A Broken Heart, Direction & Same Dream. All of these songs definitely stood out especially guitar wise as I felt they not only let loose but showcased the sound of the band in the best light.

I definitely am a fan of Bird Streets & plan on seeing them as much as I can in the near future & I highly suggest you do the same!


  1. Spit It Out
  2. Until The Crown
  3. Betting On The Sun
  4. Direction
  5. I Was A Spaceship
  6. Same Dream
  7. Heal
  8. Born With A Broken Heart
  9. Stop To Breathe
  10. Carry Me

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