Colatura 07-01-17 (Live @ The Footlight)

On this particular Saturday, I was just lounging around my house browsing Instagram when I saw a post from Colatura pop up on my feed. I noticed they followed my account (you should as well by clicking here, just saying….). So I decided to see who they were & check out their Bandcamp.

The first song I listened to was Big Man & instantly loved it. I followed that up by checking out Doubting Me which I also enjoyed. While listening to the second song, I thought wait a second, I know that voice from somewhere & realized it was Digo from The Teen Age, a band I miss seeing play.

So my decision to go to The Footlight paid off big time as Colatura put on a great 8 song set that showcased an eclectic sound mix of garage, shoegaze & surf rock combined with strong chemistry between Digo & Jennica.

For a duo that just started out playing, I can tell that Colatura has staying power. I will definitely check them out as much as I can in the near future & suggest you do the same as well. Luckily for us, the near future is close by as their next show is July 19th at Berlin.


  1. Heartache
  2. Machine
  3. Doubting Me
  4. Survive
  5. House of Stone
  6. Big Man
  7. Soon We’ll Be Dead
  8. Bravery

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