Cultfever 06-11-15 (Live @ Union Pool)

When the schedule for the 2015 Northside Festival was released, I knew instantly what my main objective would be on the first day of the music portion which would be to head over to Union Pool for the Pancakes & Whiskey Showcase since Cultfever was headlining.

I headed straight to Union Pool after picking up my press badge as I wanted to get a good spot. The show was running a bit behind schedule as I was able to catch the entire set of The Midnight Hollow who were really awesome. They definitely turned me into a fan quickly after only a couple of songs. Thankfully they are local so I can see them more in the future.

Now it was time for what I came to see, Cultfever! Having seen them so many times in the past, I knew I could expect a highly energetic & moving set that you could never get enough of & that is exactly what the crowd received over a 9 song set.

I was very happy to hear some of my favorites including Strangenecks which continues to grow on me each time I see it live. I also highly enjoyed seeing Gloria live for the first time as the song has been stuck with me since it came out months ago. They followed up with a resounding performance of their newest single Youth which is another track that will get stuck in your head for weeks on end!

The smile could not get wiped from my face when they closed with what will always be my personal favorite KnewYouWell which featured some nice little drumming twists in the final chorus that really added to how awesome the song already is. No matter how many times I hear or see it, it will never get old to me. You have those rare songs that will stick with you for a lifetime & this is definitely one of them for me.

If you have not checked out a Cultfever live show, you truly need to get off your ass & do so as once you do, consider yourself hooked for life!


  1. Burton
  2. Chicken
  3. Strangenecks
  4. Farm
  5. Tell The Kids
  6. Gloria
  7. Youth
  8. Animals
  9. KnewYouWell

As a special treat, view Cultfever’s entire set which I uploaded to Youtube!


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