Gossling 10-19-13 (Live @ Arlene’s Grocery)

If you checked out our CMJ 2013 show recommendations, Gossling is a name you would have seen often. So it should come as no surprise that I popped back up at Arlene’s Grocery to catch her last set of CMJ 2013 at the No Pulp showcase.

Having her as my first experience of the marathon, I knew to expect a great set & that is exactly what I & the rest of the packed house received. She opened up with a beautiful version of Big Love that really got the crowd into it from the opening seconds. She followed this up with a nice version of Harvest Of Gold which is the title track of her upcoming album.

My favorite song of the set was Love Fall Foul which is so beautiful that I could not help but tear up. I find it impossible for anyone with a heart to not get caught up with emotion while listening to the lyrics of the song that Helen sings so painfully perfect. This is definitely a song that many of us can unfortunately relate to via our own experience or through someone we know.

Next up was what was a shocking cover of Everclear’s Santa Monica. This was definitely not a song I’d ever expect to hear covered by Gossling. The performance of it featured strong guitar work. However I could not get passed the fact that as amazing as Helen is, I don’t feel this song fits her style. I don’t feel this is a song that should ever be played at a slow pace much less the one it was played on this night.

Rose was a nice pick me up as the bubbly feel of the lyrics with the strong drum filled verses really helped it shine. Heart Killer sounded amazing as the rich drum & bass work mesh so perfectly with her haunting vocals especially during the verses.

Hazard was hauntingly beautiful especially the verses which had a nice dark chamber like sound to them. I loved how Helen would hit those high notes singing “turns around” during the chorus as well.

The set came to an end with an upbeat & fun performance of Wild Love which had the crowd bopping their head a lot including yours truly. It was a fantastic way to end what was a great set. Hopefully Gossling will be bringing her unique style back to the states in the near future as I can’t wait to see her again.


  1. Big Love
  2. Harvest Of Gold
  3. Songs Of Summer
  4. Love Fall Foul
  5. Santa Monica (Everclear cover)
  6. Rose
  7. Heart Killer
  8. Hazard
  9. Wild Love


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