LUCIA 03-13-19 (Live @ Hotel Vegas)

I am completely obsessed with the music of LUCIA! I just had to start off by sharing the truth. I discovered the band about a week before SXSW started as I was logged in on the site browsing artists to form a schedule.

I came across their band profile & the video for their song Melted Ice Cream. 10 seconds in, I knew this would be my favorite song of theirs as I fell in love that quickly. This led to me downloading every live version of the song on Youtube. So needless to say I had planned on seeing every one of their SXSW shows.

Their first show was on the 12th at Latitude 30. However it was so packed, I could only watch from the street outside which I did for the record! So I knew come the next day, nothing would stop me from getting right to the front at Hotel Vegas for their set for the Freakender Buckaroo Ball.

LUCIA made up of her Lucia, Hamish on guitars, Chris on bass & Ally on drums put on a ferocious 9 song set with a perfectly blended sound of raw guitars, gritty drums & the absolute super star stage presence of Lucia herself.

Every song was a big winner to myself & the jam packed crowd who came to see them perform. Some of the standouts included Blueheart, their latest single, Summertime off their 2018 debut EP Cheap Trick & of course my personal favorite & perfect set ender Melted Ice Cream!

I am so jealous that they are not based here in the states, especially NYC as they are a band I would do whatever I could to see every single time they played & the list of artists I would do that for is extremely small.


  1. Cheap Talk
  2. Lose My Mind
  3. Blueheart
  4. Flames
  5. Saturday Is Dead
  6. Summertime
  7. A Little Pick Me Up
  8. What Am I
  9. Melted Ice Cream

Check out the full album of images on Capture The Show by clicking here!

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