Manning Patston 07-22-18 (Live @ The Record Crate)

Manning Patston – A bright light appearing on the Sydney music scene

Gig date: 22nd July 2018

Venue: The Record Crate, Glebe, Sydney, Australia

Country of origin: Blue Mountains, Australia

Members: Manning, Miles, Chris and Connor

Support or headline: Headline

Good crowd/bad crowd: Amazing crowd, everyone loved Manning and the band.

Number of times seen band: 2

Crowd participation: Singing, dancing and cheering, “Yeah Manning” and “woohoo go guys!”. So: total support and appreciation.

Genre: Acoustic and singer/songwriter

Rating: 8/10 guitars

My review:

  • From watching Manning perform in June- just having Chris with (you) then, to now having a band accompany you while performing, it seems so much better to showcase your voice. An all round bigger sound, look and over-all tone but you (Manning) are still the Star.
  • Miles (Electric guitar) amazing solo
  • Chris (bass guitar and backing vocals) great guitar playing but a bit flat with some notes (sorry Chris, I’m trying to be helpful)
  • Connor (Drummer) without you, the band AND most of all Manning wouldn’t be where you all are now in terms of this new delivery of your music. So keep it up dude
  • Manning (lead singer, guitarist) vocals are perfect

Set List:

  1. Freaking
  2. Better off in dreams
  3. Pumped Up Kicks (Foster The People cover)
  4. We Ain’t
  5. Somebody
  6. Hold On
  7. Naïve
  8. Lonely Boy (The Black Keys cover)
  9. Come Around

From the Blue Mountains, singer/songwriter Manning Patston is young, confident and raw. With his acoustic guitar in hand he delivers a powerful acoustic sound heartily accompanied by his strong vocals. Giving his songs that extra edge! Manning has gently crafted his unique raw and acoustic sound, playing in pubs, clubs, sidewalks and his bedroom. He will play pretty much anywhere he is allowed to.

Here’s an indication of how hard Manning was shredding the guitar last night: His fingers started bleeding all over the guitar and the strings, but he didn’t stop for a bandaid (dedication bro). He wanted to push on with the gig.  Add to this sheer commitment to his craft, the big meaty backing of his new band and you’ve got a bright light appearing on the Sydney music scene.  Manning Patston is still the star, but the band now adds that energy and force of delivering perfectly constructed songs with an unbelievable voice.

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