Miss World 03-16-19 (Live @ Hotel Vegas)

Saturday was here & I knew that I had one last chance to check out Miss World before the festival ended. With that thought in mind, nothing was going to stop me from heading to Hotel Vegas to catch her set for Burger Records Burgermania 8.

Miss World was one of the acts I discovered while browsing who I should check out leading up to SXSW. I fell in love with the memorable song Diet Coke Head which I just could not get out of my head.

When I arrived just before her set, I could not help but notice the cool looking props she had on stage. I knew right away this would be a fun & quirky set filled with some short yet cool & catchy songs.

My initial thought was correct as Miss World & her backing band put on a  fun & energetic 8 song set which thankfully featured my favorite Diet Coke Head along with songs about Amazon & Instagram which I must say were topics I never heard sung about before.

When you see Miss World play, expect a fun set filled with catchy songs you will find yourself singing to yourself days after the fact. I had a great time & feel confident you will as well if you get the chance to see Miss World.


  1. Carb Yr Enthusiasm
  2. Buy Me Dinner
  3. Diet Coke Head
  4. Click and Yr Mine
  5. Don’t U Wanna Be Me Sometime?
  6. Radio All My Bitches
  7. (U Watch My) Stories (But U Don’t Like My Posts)
  8. Put Me In A Movie

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To find out more about Miss World, visit her official website by clicking here. Give her a like on Facebook by clicking here & a follow on Twitter by clicking here. Pick up her album Keeping Up With Miss World on Bandcamp by clicking here.

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