Moving Panoramas 03-12-19 (Live @ Cheer Up Charlies)

Moving Panoramas was on my must list see bands at SXSW. They were an act I actually discovered awhile back while listening to SomaFM’s Indie Pop Rocks channel as they were consistently played. Every song I heard from them really caught my attention so I became a big fan.

The band played an awesome 6 song set that kicked off with a fantastic performance of What Now from their latest album In Two. This was followed up by a kick ass rendition of Radar from their critically acclaimed 2015 debut album One.

A little later on in the set, I was in for a pleasant surprise when they brought out Matthew Caws (Nada Surf lead singer/guitarist) to perform their latest single In Tune.

I actually did not know of this song just yet so I had no idea he was on it. However the big reason for it being an awesome surprise is I have been friends with Matthew for over a decade & had not seen him in quite some time! As far as the song goes, I absolutely loved it from start to finish.

They closed out the set with one of my favorite songs Baby Blues. As great as the studio version sounds, the live version is even better. I loved how they rocked out the final part which made it a perfect way to end the set. I only wish they could have played more as they are that good.


  1. What Now
  2. Radar
  3. ADD Heart
  4. One
  5. In Tune
  6. Baby Blues

Check out the full album of images on Capture The Show by clicking here.

To find out more about Moving Panoramas, check out their official website by clicking here. Give them a like on Facebook by clicking here & a follow on Twitter by clicking here.

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