Riders Against The Storm 03-17-19 (Live @ Palm Door On Sixth)

St. Patrick’s Day 2019 was a memorable day for many across the country. For myself, it was not because it was an excuse to go bar hopping & get drunk. My reason for celebrating was because it was the official closing day of SXSW and I made it! While not many shows were happening on this day, I made it a priority to head on down to Palm Door On Sixth to catch Riders Against The Storm perform at the official closing party.

The husband & wife duo of Jonathan “Chaka” Mahone and Ghislaine “Qi Dada” Mahone along with their bandmates put on an absolutely rousing performance full of energy, emotion, & pure fun that exuded from the stage to every single person in the audience from start to finish. No matter how long a week everyone had by that point, Chaka & Qi Dada were going to get you pumped & moving one last time & that they did!

I was highly impressed by the lyrical & sonic qualities on display from everyone on stage. One could easily tell that everyone loved playing with one another as everyone fed off each other to help put on quite the memorable set.

After seeing them for the very first time on this night, I can tell why they won Band of the Year at the Austin Music Awards two straight years a short time ago. I definitely recommend giving Riders Against The Storm a listen and if you can catch them live, you must absolutely do so!

Check out the full album on Capture The Show by clicking here!

To find out more about Riders Against The Storm, visit their official website by clicking here. Give them a like on Facebook by clicking here & a follow on Twitter by clicking here.

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