Secret Nudist Friends 09-29-18 (Live @ Ludlow House)

I greatly enjoyed my time seeing Blushed play a show on Long Island so when the chance arose to catch Matty & Missy’s other band Secret Nudist Friends a few days later in NYC, you just knew I would not pass up the opportunity.

The Philly based garage/post-punk band made up of Matty, Brian, Missy & Deb played a private Pancakes & Whiskey showcase at Ludlow House with Monograms to a fantastic crowd.

The set featured a number of cuts from their split EP with Blushed titled So Cool. I found myself enjoying every single second of the set (especially Swing Song which rocked hard!) & wishing it could have gone on longer. This sentiment was shared by the rest of the packed room as well which of course came as no surprise.

Secret Nudist Friends put on an awesome show with catchy songs that will stick in your brain after the initial listen. If you have a chance to check out them out live, I strongly suggest you do!

To find out more about Secret Nudist Friends, check out their Bandcamp by clicking here. Give them a like on Facebook by clicking here & a follow on Twitter by clicking here.

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