Services 06-08-18 (Live @ Muchmore’s)

My 2018 Northside Festival did not go as planned as I missed the entire first music day due to travel issues. So I focused my energy on getting as much done as possible from day 2 & on. My initial game plan was to go to what was the best overall bill of the whole festival, the Queen of The Scene Showcase at Muchmore’s. So I made my way there & caught the entire set of the Minneapolis-based band Services.

Prior to the show, I had zero idea of what they sounded like. However within the first few seconds of the opening song My Friend, I knew I would highly enjoy their in your face sound.

Overall the 4 piece band powered through a fantastic & high energy 6 song set. I immensely enjoyed the last 3 songs the best, Bedroom, Feeling and Country. I was disappointed to find out they were not a local band as I definitely would plan to see them as often as I could. I will keep an eye out and suggest you do as well for when they are in your area as you will be hooked by them!


  1. My Friend
  2. The Lybrarian
  3. Perfume
  4. Bedroom
  5. Feeling
  6. Country

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