Shadow Monster 01-15-20 (Live @ Our Wicked Lady)

I could not have picked a better show to be the first one I would attend in 2020 as I made my way to my old stomping grounds Our Wicked Lady to see the always amazing Shadow Monster. Sadly this was my first time seeing them since last August due to some unforeseen circumstances. During that time, they released the best album of 2019 in Punching Bag which can be picked up by clicking here!

As always, Gillian & John did not disappoint the packed crowd as they put on yet another breathtaking 7 song performance which started with a rousing rendition of This Dead Thing & followed up with a just as strong version of Temporary Love.

I was excited to once again hear one of my personal favorites Eyes In My Sleep (Cautious Eye) which sounded just as awesome as the first time I heard it. This was followed up by a new song Goodwill which sounds promising. I definitely look forward to hearing it some more in the future.

As always, the best was saved for last as they ended the night with my all time favorite Punching Bag. No matter how many times I listen to this song, I just can’t get enough of it. I could listen to it on repeat for days on end and never get tired of it as it is just that perfect! Seriously if you ever have the chance to see them live, this song alone will make it worth it!


  1. This Dead Thing
  2. Temporary Love
  3. Dog
  4. Poison
  5. Eyes In My Sleep (Cautious Eye)
  6. Goodwill
  7. Punching Bag

Check out the full album on Capture The Show by clicking here!

To find out more about Shadow Monster, click here to visit their official website. Give them a like on Facebook by clicking here & a follow on Instagram by clicking here. Lastly follow them on Twitter by clicking here.

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