Shadow Monster 02-07-19 (Live @ The Gutter)

The Gutter will always be one of my favorite venues for personal reasons. One of those reasons is it happens to be the location of my first Shadow Monster show in March 2018 which I went to on a whim. Now 11 months later & over 20 shows since then, I am glad that the whim occurred. So anytime they play The Gutter, I do my best to make it.

Sadly I arrived late to their set as I missed the first two songs. By time I walked through the door, I recognized Gillian’s voice but not the song that was being played. However I just knew from what I heard, I absolutely loved it. The song turned out to be Coffin, from their 2014 debut Residual Ghost. I really hope this song gets played more in the future as it is awesome!

They of course killed it throughout their set like on Gimme Some & my personal favorite Punching Bag as the dark & moody guitar work from Gillian  & ferociousness of John on the drums equal a perfect marriage of sound. What can I say, they are the best band in NYC & you should do whatever it takes to check them out!

Check out the full album from this show on Capture The Show by clicking here.

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