Shadow Monster 05-01-18 (Live @ Freddy’s Bar and Backroom)

The most recent show I attended saw me making my first ever appearance at the Park Slope bar known as Freddy’s Bar and Backroom to see a solo performance by Gillian Visco aka Shadow Monster. This was my first time seeing her perform solo so I was excited to hear how the songs would sound solo.

Much to my pleasant surprise, the 8 song set included 7 songs I never heard before with 5 of them being brand new. I definitely enjoyed hearing brand new material as I can never get enough!

The set started off with Politics Death Dreams Him, a very raw & powerful song lyrically which was evident by the strong desire & passion which echoed from Gilian’s voice.

Don’t Call Me A Loser was a beautiful yet somber number which showcased the talented gift Gillian has with words to convey a message that can touch you on various levels.

The set ended with my favorite Punching Bag. I was definitely curious to hear how this song would sound without John’s amazing drum work which really sets it off. I must say hearing it in its rawest form made the song sound even more powerful lyrically as the message resonates loud & clear. I loved it!


  1. Politics Death Dreams Him
  2. Burying Ur Lover
  3. Poison
  4. Fruit
  5. Flotation Device
  6. Don’t Call Me A Loser
  7. Creep In The Corner
  8. Punching Bag

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