Shadow Monster 07-10-18 (Live @ Alphaville)

I knew my upcoming week would be super hectic & if it was to see anyone else, I would not have made the trip out to NYC on a Tuesday night. However I always do my best to make it out when my favorite NYC band (2nd worldwide only to The Smashing Pumpkins) Shadow Monster is scheduled to perform.

I made my way to Bushwick to watch the heavenly duo of Gillian Visco & John Swanson do their thing at Alphaville like only they could. The intimate crowd was treated to a fantastic 7 song set that started off with a great crowd pace starter in Kill Me Sweetie.

They also put on rousing editions of Gimme Some, Love Gun & This Dead Thing. I have to say the more I keep hearing Temporary Love especially John’s drumming on it, the closer it is to closing the door & securing the spot of being my second favorite track of 2018!

Regular readers already know which track secured the top spot already for the year & that is the finale Punching Bag which as always makes me willing to travel the world just to hear it!


  1. Kill Me Sweetie
  2. Gimme Some
  3. Along The Way
  4. Love Gun
  5. This Dead Thing
  6. Temporary Love
  7. Punching Bag

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