Shadow Monster 10-04-18 (Live @ Skate Brooklyn)

I have been to hundreds if not thousands of shows in my lifetime in every possible type of venue one could think of. However I can honestly say I might have seen a show at the coolest setting ever when I recently saw Shadow Monster play the Rock Star Bearings x Andrea Tumbas Game Of War event recently at Skate Brooklyn in Park Slope.

The actual performance area was a room for skateboarders and the stage was on an actual ramp. The energy & vibe from everyone in the packed room was super positive & created the perfect environment for Gillian & John to deliver an electric performance.

They powered through a killer 7 song set that each & every person in the crowd ate up with complete satisfaction. Having 2 people challenging one another in the enclosed skating cage was a nice visual touch to the set.

By time the set was done, Shadow Monster definitely gained many new fans & rightfully so as they continue to show why they are hands down the best band in NYC these days bar none!


  1. This Dead Thing
  2. Temporary Love
  3. Along The Way
  4. Gimme Some
  5. Kill Me Sweetie
  6. Love Gun
  7. Punching Bag

To find out more about Shadow Monster, click here to visit their official website. Give them a like on Facebook by clicking here & a like on Twitter by clicking here.

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