Shadow Monster 11-05-18 (Live @ Sunnyvale)

The usual Monday for me has me being swamped with a ton of tasks to deal with involving this site & related businesses. So when I had the chance to break away from that to go catch the best band in NYC, Shadow Monster play at Sunnyvale, you just knew I would not pass it up.

I am always excited to see the duo of Gillian & John do their thing but even more so on this night as it would be the first opportunity to see them perform some newer material together.

They played a fantastic 7 song set which featured newer songs Eyes In My Sleep, Poison & Unravel. Having heard these songs solo, I definitely enjoyed the addition of drums to the mix. John’s amazing drum work especially stood out on the faster paced Eyes In My Sleep which I absolutely loved!

However they did not forget some of their other great songs like Gimme Some, Temporary Love & Punching Bag which all sounded great. I had the performance of Punching Bag on repeat on my camera the entire ride home as I could not get enough of it!


  1. Gimme Some
  2. Poison
  3. Along The Way
  4. Eyes In My Sleep
  5. Temporary Love
  6. Unravel
  7. Punching Bag

To find out more about Shadow Monster, click here to visit their official website. Give them a like on Facebook by clicking here & a follow on Instagram by clicking here. Lastly follow them on Twitter by clicking here.


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