Shadow Monster 12-27-18 (Live @ Muchmore’s)

2018 is mere hours away from being done. I saw many talented artists throughout the year but none more amazing than Shadow Monster. Having seen them a total of 17 times in 2018, it is only fitting that my final show of the year would be seeing them.

My last hurrah of 2018 took me to Muchmore’s in Williamsburg to catch yet another amazing headlining set from the duo of Gillian Visco & John Swanson. They did not disappoint as they rocked the packed room with 7 great songs that had extra emotional feeling behind them.

Starting off the festivities was a thunderous rendition of Gimme Some that was followed by a strong performance of one of the newer songs Poison. Eyes In My Sleep (Cautious Eye) really hit the spot for me as I can’t get over how the faster pace of that song has made it that much better.

Of course a Shadow Monster show would not be complete for me without hearing my 2018 song of the year Punching Bag whose little subtle difference in the 1st verse was a nice touch even if it might not have been planned. If it was, great idea!!!!!

In 2019, I suggest, actually no I DEMAND that you make sure to check out Shadow Monster as you don’t know what you are missing, especially live! Also don’t be surprised that when Punching Bag does come out in 2019, that it will end up being my song of the year again!


  1. Gimme Some
  2. Poison
  3. Along The Way
  4. Eyes In My Sleep (Cautious Eye)
  5. Temporary Love
  6. Unravel You
  7. Punching Bag

Click here to see the full gallery.

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