Stone Cold Fox 10-19-13 (Live @ Tammany Hall)

There are not many venues in NYC that I have not seen a show at. However one of the few that I have not is Tammany Hall which is why I headed there to see Stone Cold Fox. I tried to see them a few times during CMJ but the schedule did not work out.

I made my way inside & caught the majority of what was a real fun & solid set. Give Up The Kids had a great energy to it. This was followed up by 3 more songs that I have never heard before in Dreams, Adaption & Times Up. I was impressed with all 3 songs which I look forward to hearing more in the future.

They followed up with my personal favorite American which sounded awesome as always. This is a song that they always seem to enjoy playing as the energy is always strong for it. Eventually the finale was upon us as they ended with Man On The Moon. This was another track I have not heard them perform before but I really liked the guitar work on it as it gave the song a nice pop.

One thing I know is that when I see Stone Cold Fox, I will get a real strong set from top to the bottom that highlights the individual strengths of all the members. Thankfully NYC can claim this band as our own so go out & see them when they are rocking out one venue after another.


  1. Sold
  2. Seventeen
  3. Pictures
  4. Give Up The Kids
  5. Dreams
  6. Adaptation
  7. Times Up
  8. American
  9. Darling Darling
  10. Man On The Moon

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