The U.S. Americans 08-04-18 (Live @ The Bowery Ballroom)

I recently had the pleasure of going to The Bowery Ballroom to check out the amazingly talented sister duo The New Tarot. However before they hit the stage to headline the bill, we were treated to a set by the NYC-based rock band The U.S. Americans.

As a life long wrestling fan, the first thing that caught my attention was lead singer Jeff Weiss’ outfit as it was cool to see the Bret Hart pants teamed up with a Fuck The KGB t-shirt!

However one does not have to fear as this was not a case of the flash being the look without having the sizzle to match musically. The band put on a fantastic set of songs mainly from their debut album Greatest Hits that I & everyone in the crowd really got into.

My personal favorite was FCK The KGB which had that raw energy & punk rock vibes that really speak to you especially if you share similar sentiments to the song’s meaning.

I definitely am interested in seeing The U.S. Americans perform more as they have a really good sound & great stage presence in the form of lead singer Jeff Weiss who knows how to get the crowd going.

The full album of images will be available soon on my concert photography site Capture The Show so bookmark it now!

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