William Crighton 10-05-17 (Live @ Rockwood Music Hall)

MondoNYC 2017 has come & gone but the memories for me will last forever. The first of those memories was the first show I attended for the festival which occurred at Rockwood Music Hall for the Marauder Radio Room event. The event featured select artists being interviewed by a specific radio station along performing a few songs for them. The man I was here to see for this event was William Crighton.

While browsing the festival listings, I checked out his most recent album & highly enjoyed the raw emotion & powerful lyrics that he conveyed. With this performance being of the solo variety, I knew those traits would stand out even more & that they did as he skillfully powered through a powerful 5 song set that invoked all sorts of raw emotion & deep thought that left you knowing you heard & saw something special.


  1. Priest
  2. Woman Like You
  3. Jesus Blues
  4. Happiness
  5. 2000 Clicks

Check out William’s official website by clicking here. Give him a like on Facebook by clicking here & stream his debut album by clicking here.

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