Yellow Fang 03-12-19 (Live @ Valhalla)

One of my biggest music festival traditions is after I am done seeing my last scheduled set for the night, I usually still have a huge desire to see if I can squeeze in one more set I could check out & photograph. I’ll quickly fire up my phone and check the app to see if anyone might be about to start playing or is in the process of doing so near where I am located.

Even though this was my first time in Austin, I kept the tradition alive as after I was done at Cheer Up Charlies, I browsed to see what I could find. I luckily stumbled across Yellow Fang who were about to hit the stage at 1am at Valhalla which was 1-2 blocks down the street. So I quickly made my way there & secured a spot up front.

Yellow Fang, an all girl trio from Thailand was ready to rock the packed room. Their bass player could not make the trip so she was replaced by their producer who filled it flawlessly.

The trio put on a fantastic set of a nice buttery mix of alternative lo-fi & shoegaze with lush vocal harmonies that hit the spot. The best evidence of this was in their songs I’m A Feeder & Valentinos, both off of their 2014 debut album The Greatest.

I definitely will be checking out more of Yellow Fang especially if they make their way to NYC. Also look for their music to definitely make it to the Surge FM rotation when the station relaunches in April.

Check out the full album of images on Capture The Show by clicking here!

Give a listen to more of Yellow Fang by clicking here to visit their Bandcamp. Give them a like on Facebook by clicking here.

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